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October 15, 2020

What are you thinking sis?

You probably see fashion that’s as fast as the speed of light, always changing and restyling. But what happens when you want something with a real soul?

Skip the fast fashion…

The music stops. The fabric remains. And the fast fashion world has already moved on. We know it’s soulless, so we dance to a different tune. What do we call it? PlanB1 of course…

Our collection begins in the heart of Kantamanto’s secondhand clothing market — home to 5 million new arrivals every week. 70% heads directly to wastelands and the sea, so you know the industry is broken. You can let fast fashion catch your eye as much as you like. But there’s no denying what it’s really doing. We must celebrate being different… 

An idea is born

PlanB1 attire is all about being different in the way it views these types of consumer journeys, so we decided our latest collection simply had to express that goal. We take existing clothes he fashion world left behind. Then we mix in indigenous fabrics, because that is slowly disappearing.

Local craftspeople are the ones who put it all together. Without them we would be nowhere, and fast fashion would be everywhere. But with them, we can change the game. Do you hear us sis?

We need you

PlanB1 is a movement of forward-thinking individuals committed to a better way. We’re repairing a broken industry, giving life to waste, and changing the way it works. 

If you can hear us, join us.  11-11-2020 RETURN OF THE WASTE

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