Angkor bullets Cambodia

Uses bullets castings and bombshells to showcase the plight of the Khmer people and what they have had to endure in their recent past. They believe this is a strong statement about Cambodia and the Khmer people and what they can achieve. Hope rising from the tragic circumstances of the past inspires all of their designs. They are turning  something negative, that was used to kill millions of Khmer people into something of beauty, hope, strength and endurance. - From war to Peace!


Rafarazzi African Couture 

Is an all style, Ghanian based, African made brand that makes local talent globally relevant and invites the world to have  access to their handcrafted African products and designs. 

Through the organisation's collaborations, craftsmanship and style, "Rafarazzi African Couture" ensures that both the local and the international market responds positively to their items.

Their products include shoes, bags, clothes and beads, all made from locally sourced  and up-cycled materials. They have limited availability, are unique and on trend.