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May 01, 2019

Fashion is changing, and not least because of the unique approach we’ve taken at PlanB1. We’re a young band of creatives who scour the world for offcuts and leftover fabrics from the mass production or which other brands no longer need. We mix them with our own unique spirit, flair for design and hunger for connections.


We look to the future and reimagine what is possible with already made resources to cut and shape designs with a rebellious edge that aren’t afraid to be different.

We create in a free way that looks at the norm, and asks why we need to follow that path? Just because most people walk it, doesn’t mean we have to follow them… 


We want to invite you to join us. It’s a journey that will see us explore new styles and looks and changing a narrative. It’s one that you will be able to say you were a part of. 


We’re more than just a brand, we’re a community of creative visionaries. We’re more than just a fashion label, we’re an outlook on life. Success is never created by a single person acting alone. It’s a manifestation of a vision, and a community that can relate to that vision. It’s a desire to value what truly matters in life, and to go after it with all of your creative energy. 


By the 4th of May 2019, we will go live with our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

You can help us take our new story to the rest of the world, and show people that fashion has no limits. Share these words, this philosophy, and this ethos with the people you meet, and help us show just what you can do when you think in a new way. Together we can harness the power of crowdfunding, and change the face of fashion. Together we can create.


PlanB1 has arrived, and we’re ready to do it differently…

Can we count you in?

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