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May 05, 2020

We are all in this together

How are you?

With the ongoing situation around COVID-19, we wanted to share an update with you. These are uncertain times, but we are sure about one thing: putting the health and safety of our team and our customers first is key.

We’re all living in a time where nothing is what we ever expected it to be. For the first time in our lives we’re being told not to go to work, not to socialize and not to leave our homes. It’s something that we all have a part to play in, and only when we pull together can we get to the end of the tunnel. 


For us, this is a journey where we can each take steps to make a difference. Can we repurpose our businesses to provide masks, clothing and protective equipment for the people who need it? Can we volunteer, help the most vulnerable and make sure no one is left behind?


We ask ourselves these questions all the time about how we can take one thing no one needs and turn it into something everybody needs. This doesn’t just apply to changing the fashion industry — it applies to the new world around us. 



Our team has been working around the clock to design, create and produce PlanB1  facemasks for you.

With this project we support the fundraising that has been initiated by our friends at Theorispresent to help the people in Old Fadama during these times.


Old Fadama is considered one of the most toxic places on earth due to the constant burning of Kantamanto's (The world's largest second hand clothing market) excess clothing and the burning of E-waste. What has become so obvious during this pandemic is that the people who are most impacted by these crisis are considered to be afterthoughts, just like the waste... The fund will be used to provide the Kayayei, the houseless, the wastepickers, the slum dwellers with food supplies, sanitizers and information.

“We are human beings” ~ a sign that sums up the problem and the solution. What are we fighting for? A future where no person, or group, feels the need to declare their humanity.

On Friday April 24th the Kayayei Youth Association held a public demonstration to demand that the government follow through on the promises that were made. Ghana's President Akufo-Addo has promised free water until June 1st but residents of Old Fadama are still paying 1-2Cedi every time they shower or use the toilet. Many of the kayayei who lost their homes in the fire and demolition (over 1,000 people lost their homes — see previous posts) would like to return North, but they are afraid of taking the virus with them. Kayayei ask that the government sponsor transport (Ghana has a state owned bus service) and support a two week quarantine so that they can safely return to be with their families. The government promised to provide food during the lockdown, but this food did not come and aid was used for political gain, with vital goods going only to registered members of certain political parties. Masks are now mandatory in Accra and yet few kayayei can afford to purchase one.

Ghana has more recorded COVID-19 cases (at 1,550 as of today) than any other country in West Africa. The partial lockdown has been lifted, but the leadership of the Kayayei Youth Association believe that this is only temporary. These women hope that the government will listen to their demands, follow through on the promises and plan ahead for the worst case scenario.

We are continuing to support Theorispresent 

and stand behind the Kayayei Youth Association in all of their demands. Please consider donating via the link


Thanks a million!

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