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August 03, 2019

Calling All Creatives

We want to change the game when it comes to urban fashion, but we can’t do it without you. To date we have come so far on our creative journey, but there’s still so much more to do. To help us achieve our vision, we’ve recently launched a brand-new funding campaign on GoFundMe. Here’s what we’ve been working on…


Promoting local craft techniques

By doing things differently we’re leaving the world of mass production behind. It means we have a unique chance to reach out to people will specialist skills in all corners of the world, and invite them to join our movement. From ancient techniques and traditional attire, we take their input and use it to reimagine the world of urban fashion.

Raising the bar for slow fashion

The environment is something we’re all responsible for, and fast fashion has a far greater impact than most of us realize. By celebrating the unique look of offcuts and leftovers we can drive change that reaches far beyond the fashion industry.

Small batches build communities

Demand for PlanB1 attire is growing every day, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten where we came from.

Small batch production encompasses everything about the way we work, and it’s a chance to support the local communities who make it happen.

They deserve our help, and we’re committed to reaching out. That’s why we’re expanding to hemp fabric and other organics as part of our new campaign.








We need you

PlanB1 can’t happen alone, we need the input of forward-thinkers just like you. Get onboard today, and help us change the industry.


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