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Black Panther

A full black mud cloth coat with white pattern spots and a denim collar made of discarded fabrics. Mud cloth is a thick cotton canvas, spun and woven 100% by hand, and pattern dyed with fermented mud and other organic dyes, originated from Mali. Great to wear during the colder days, but just as appealing to style with a good summer outfit. You will definitely be spotted.

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Each garment we create is unique and carefully crafted from discarded materials combined with local fabrics, using traditional techniques. When an item is sold, we can create a resemblance or customise a completely new one for you. Contact us here

NOTE: - This garment is hand made by craftsmen, therefore, there may be irregularities - Every piece is unique - The actual colour may differ slightly from the colour displayed on the screen - Dry or hand wash as item contains different materials and due to their natural dyes they may fade on contact with water.

Type: Jacket

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