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Parka Ghana Bounce

Hooded parka jacket from upcycled cotton

Nothing makes a statement like breaking the mould and having it your way. At PlanB1 we know boundaries are there to be broken, and that urban fashion, mixing it with art and our sense for style, is the way to do it. We’ve taken the fabric, thrown in finely detailed hand drawn artwork of a creative interpretation of Ghana, and got creative. Credited for being the hub of African prints and one of the evolutionary leaders that has brought a lot of refurbishments in the textile and fashion industry, Ghana is celebrated as a source of inspiration and vibrant designs.  Any questions?

Have your up-cycled cotton parka your way, and choose your own path. With 3 colours and 3 different back designs, you can have something that’s not for anyone else. This isn’t off the shelf fashion…this is PlanB1.

Type: Jacket