Atiku Wax Hollandais

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Long sleeved long tee

When you think about streetwear you think of the same old brands, doing their thing and hoping nothing changes. We pay homage to the lifestyle, cultures, arts, ideas and crafts to create urban fashion with a twist. It’s all about creative collaborations and doing things differently.

This is a development of the traditional African wear into a trendy, fashionable and dazzling way to they be relevant for this day. A leather front, leather bottom panels, African waxed Hollandais fabric, and a two-zipper front pocket all come together to create a long sleeved long tee unlike any other, inspired by the traditional West African Atiku style.

It’s a statement that tells you fashion has changed now that PlanB1 are on the scene…

    • Wax Hollandais is a special wax fabric with one or two core colours ‘fitted’ into the Wax Hollandais design. The designs is mirrored on the front and back of the fabric.
    Model is: 1.83 m | 80kg
    Wearing size: M

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